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Introducing Tork Washroom Products

Envirocare Systems is pleased to announce that we now supply Tork washroom products and consumables. Tork is the world’s leading brand in washroom hygiene. We will be stocking a range of award winning paper towel and toilet tissue dispensers in … Continued

Looking back at the year that’s been: 2018

The festive season is well underway, and for most of us at Envirocare Systems a well-deserved break is needed to recharge the batteries and go again in 2019. Firstly, thank you to all of our amazing clients and suppliers for … Continued

What to ask for in a Sanitary Disposal Service

Every day we get inquiries from people about getting a quote for sanitary disposal for their business. In most cases, if the person has never had sanitary disposal units in their business before, they have no idea what to ask … Continued

5 Ways to get rid of those pesky fruit flies

Do you have a problem with fruit flies in your kitchen? Utilize these 5 handy tips and tricks on how to get rid of them once and for all. The most important thing to note when combating fruit, vinegar or … Continued

Its time to throw in the towel

Virgin paper towels and conventional electric hand dryers have damaging effects on the environment.  Paper production consumes precious non-renewable resources as well as contributing to a deforestation rate of roughly 13 million hectares per year. Furthermore, paper towels cannot be … Continued


Make a Simple Change to Save the Environment

We’re amazed that most paper products like paper towels and toilet tissue are still made from virgin old growth rainforest – 98% of all toilet paper in the US market is made from virgin trees. The pulp from one eucalyptus tree, … Continued

The War on Wet Wipes

Putting the wrong things down toilets can cause sewer blockages that damages our waste water systems and pipes. The biggest offenders are a trio of Wet Wipes, Congealed Fats and Grease. The Wet Wipes do not disintegrate like toilet paper, … Continued

What NOT to Flush down the Toilet:

Everything has been flushed down a toilet at some stage, from unwanted goldfish to cell phones and credit cards. It seems like a black hole where once you flush, it’s gone forever! However every time something unwanted is flushed down … Continued

Are Automatic or Manual Sanitary Bins Better?

Are Automatic or Manual Sanitary bins better?  In the end it comes down to a multitude of factors that determine this. Both manual and automatic sanitary disposal units have their place in the hygiene industry. Obviously Manual bins have been … Continued

Earth-Friendly Logo for Green Businesses

Why Smart Businesses are Keen to Go Green

  A few years ago, every business was promoting themselves as ‘going green.’ However, in 2017 we are not seeing the same levels of marketing for ‘green’ business, whether it be for reduced energy and water consumption, or an increase … Continued

Envirocare Systems in the Community: Project Recycle

Envirocare Systems is committed to making a positive and meaningful contribution to the West Australian environment, society, and community. Over the past 6 months, Envirocare Systems has sent two staff members to Neerigen Brook Primary School, to volunteer with the … Continued

Hygienic Washroom Solutions

Top tips for keeping your washroom in pristine condition!

  Do you know how McDonald’s became such a popular choice for Americans during the 1950’s? One of the reasons was their clean and hygienic washrooms! The founders of McDonald’s found that their competitors’ toilets were often dirty, and then … Continued

How To Control Flying Insects Around Food

The most effective fly killing methods!

Have you ever walked into a restaurant and been bombarded by flies? I certainly have and it is not a pleasant experience. Although the Australian summer is coming to a close – there are still lots of pesky flies buzzing … Continued

Greenheart waterless urinals Perth

How to clean Waterless Urinals

What you need: Greenheart Atomizing spray bottle Greenheart Washroom Wizard Access to water Brush and/or scourer and/or cloth Greenheart Water saving Pucks 5-Step Daily Care & Maintenance guide WET – Use a watering hose or can or the cistern flush … Continued

Greenheart waterless urinals Perth

How Waterless Urinals work

This blog post will explain how waterless urinals work. For information on why waterless urinals are better for the environment than flushing urinals, click here. There are a variety of types of waterless urinals on the market; including purpose built … Continued

Sharps Disposal Perth

How to Safely Dispose of Sharps

Please note: There is an official guide to the disposal of sharps, such as needles or syringes – available on the Government of Western Australia Department of Health Website. So please do not treat this article as a general guide. … Continued

How-To Post: Secret to removing toilet bowl stains!

Are you tired of looking at ugly brown or white scum stains in your toilet bowl?  Well if you weren’t you definitely wouldn’t be here! In this how-to blog post we reveal the most effective (and easy) way to remove … Continued

Mother and Baby in Parenting Room

What makes a great Parenting Room + the best ones in WA!

A good parenting room provides mothers and fathers a moment of solace amongst screaming children, swiping credit cards and frenzied shoppers. There are even blogs that rate parenting rooms, such as The Australian Breastfeeding Association, which even has an Baby … Continued

Your Senses Don’t Lie

Sure you’ve been inside a fast food shop that has blown you away with how bad it smells. You’ve also probably walked into a store and thought ‘wow, this place smells REALLY good’. Now, which store, as a customer is … Continued

Blog Hand dryer energy efficiency small

Electric Hand Dryers – Are They Better Than Paper Towels?

  Winning the dry argument Electric hand dryers have come a long way since American inventor George Clements produced the prototype in 1948. Clements was an intrepid developer of a number of powered gismos including the first electric toothbrush. Although … Continued

How To Control Flying Insects Around Food

4 Effective Ways to Control Flying Insects This Summer

Dealing with pesky flies in the Australian summer is the stuff of cork-hatted legend. Yes, certainly the summer heat increases the health risks to your business posed by the pervasive presence of the housefly (musca domestica) and a legion of … Continued

Earth Friendly Toilet Paper and Hand Towels

  Despite using an estimated 57 sheets per day, most of us probably never give a second thought to the origins of toilet tissue or paper towels. Americans are the world’s most prolific toilet tissue flushers, at an estimated 22 … Continued

Children at Algi Vill near Lalibu Sec. Jay Lomu/CARE.

Please support CARE Australia’s El Nino Crisis Appeal

  “This year’s El Nino may become the starkest warning yet of the humanitarian consequences faced by poor and vulnerable people worldwide who lack the tools to cope in a changing climate” Wolfgang Jamann, CEO and secretary general of CARE … Continued

waterless urinal blog image

The Lowdown on Waterless Urinals

Installing waterless urinals is rapidly becoming a mainstream green option Thousands of new builds and renovations have purpose built units installed and ready to use at project handover So far so good…… a brilliant economical, earth friendly initiative has begun. … Continued


BioPak disposable cups are carbon neutral and recyclable

Countless Australian workplaces survive and thrive on takeaway coffees. The shared ritual of the daily coffee run keeps us connected and energised and most of us toss our disposable cups into the office-recycling bin, confident that we’re doing the right, … Continued

envirocare site

Simpler, savvier, sharper – welcome to our new website

‘Getting things right with no hassles ’ is at the heart of how we do business. Staying true to form, we’ve designed our new website to make it easier for you to find the exact commercial bathroom products and services … Continued