BioPak disposable cups are carbon neutral and recyclable

BioPak disposable cups - adding eco buzz to caffeine bliss

Blog post on 15/12/2015 under

Countless Australian workplaces survive and thrive on takeaway coffees. The shared ritual of the daily coffee run keeps us connected and energised and most of us toss our disposable cups into the office-recycling bin, confident that we’re doing the right, eco friendly thing.

Now here’s the actual thing …Australians toss out around 500 million disposable cups annually but mostly, they don’t get recycled. Instead they make up around 20% of landfill and they’ll stay there for about 50 years. That’s how long a ‘disposable’ cup’s complex mix of resin-coated plastic and paper takes to decompose.

Aside from being practically indestructible, disposable cups are generally made by resource and carbon hungry processes.

So, is there a disposable cup that’s recyclable and doesn’t cost the earth to produce?

Absolutely yes!

We are proud to supply BioPak disposable cups made entirely from renewable resources and certified carbon neutral. The sturdy cardboard in BioCups comes solely from managed forest timbers. A revolutionary corn based bioplastic has replaced the traditional, imperishable petroleum product and oil based inks have given way to non-toxic water and soy-based ones.

Get the complete low down on this earth friendly solution to keeping your customers’ passion for portable caffeine afloat while lessening the landfill load.

At Envirocare Systems we love to work with businesses whose practices and products earn respect and admiration amongst their increasingly eco aware customers. BioPak’s commitment to product innovation, smart business practices and their genuine green ethos make them ideal partners for companies like ours who place brilliant customer service right next to earth friendly, economical products.

While we’d love to see a cultural shift to taking time out for a quiet or companionable coffee break, we understand that caffeine on the move is an indispensable part of our busy working day.

That being the case, we invite you to add a little eco buzz to your customers’ daily caffeine bliss. Serve their coffee in a biodegradable, carbon neutral BioPak cup because who doesn’t love to be party to a small change that’s making a big difference?