What to ask for in a Sanitary Disposal Service

Our top tips and tricks to help you get great service

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Every day we get inquiries from people about getting a quote for sanitary disposal for their business. In most cases, if the person has never had sanitary disposal units in their business before, they have no idea what to ask for, or what separates the quotes besides the price.

As experts in managed sanitary disposal services for Perth businesses, we’ve put this little guide together for you (the uninformed client) to help you cut through the crap and see through any deals or offers that seem a little too good to be true.

What you should know beforehand:

There are a few things that you should have an idea about before asking for quotes from a whole heap of suppliers. You should supply this information to the supplier when requesting a quote. This makes it a lot easier for the supplier to quote the correct quantity and service frequency, and ensures you aren’t getting ripped off.

  • What type of business you are:

It’s important to let the supplier know what type of business you are, so we can approximate usage. If you are requesting services for a small office, you’re going to have way less usage then a shopping centre where usage is extremely high. This affects what service frequency the sanitary disposal units are serviced on.

  • How many female staff in the office

If you are requesting services for a private entity, and most small businesses, it’s good to have a relative idea of how many female staff are in the office. If it’s a micro business with one female employee, the usage and therefore frequency of service is going to be much less than another micro business that employs 10-15 women.

  • How many cubicles there are

There’s an expectation that you provide a sanitary disposal unit in every cubicle. Therefore it’s important to know exactly how many cubicles you have on site.

What to take note of when receiving a quote:

There are a few factors to consider when you request quotes from various suppliers. You might find that the price will vary massively from cheapest to most expensive, however we advise that you certainly don’t entirely base your decision on the cheapest price.

  • Where the provider is located:

Many sanitary disposal providers are big multinational companies. You might experience trouble when trying to get a hold of your supplier if you need a sanitary disposal unit picked up urgently.

  • Look for a sanitary disposal service provider who cleans units OFF-SITE! *Top Tip*

This is our top tip – Ensure that they service their sanitary disposal units off site. Too often we are hearing that many companies are opting for an ‘On-site’ clean and swap of a bin liner. This is extremely unsafe for patrons that use the washroom area after this ‘on-site’ servicing is complete as bacteria, or contents may contaminate the washroom when cleaning.  The best way to service a sanitary disposal unit is to take it away from the site and replace it with a new one at service. This way they can be cleaned in a completely sanitary environment at your provider’s warehouse. Many companies are opting for the onsite clean as it cuts operating time and labour costs, however this is not beneficial for the client.

  • Visits per annum

Sanitary disposal services are offered on a wide range of service frequencies. It’s okay not to know which one suits your organization, as the provider will make a recommendation based on estimated usage and business type. We offer services on everything from bi-monthly to weekly, and are happy to make adjustments to suit the client’s needs, if they feel the current frequency isn’t right for them.

  • Extremely low price

Look out for providers who are offering a very low price in relation to other quotes. It’s most likely going to be too good to be true. We have had clients share their experience with these types of providers. Some of the complaints were;

  • “They serviced the unit onsite and carried the full liners through the office”
  • “They missed services regularly and showed fake proof of service slips”
  • “Sanitary disposal units were left overflowing”
  • “We tried to reach the provider but were left talking to an interstate operator”
  • Hidden Costs & Charges

When comparing quotes, look out for hidden costs and charges, often named like “% admin fee” or “Environmental fee”. These costs are covered in terms and conditions, so make sure you read them before signing up to anything!

  • Bin Liners

While this is rare to come across, absolutely make sure the providers are using fragranced sanitary bin liners in all of their bins to ensure cleanliness.


Keep all of these things in mind and you should find choosing a local sanitary disposal service provider with ease. At Envirocare Systems we have provided sanitary disposal services to thousands of Western Australian businesses for over 19 years. We are local and we guarantee that you can speak to a real person at any time during office hours. We tailor our services to all types and sizes of businesses and our client base is made up of tiny offices with one female employee to government buildings with hundreds of female employees.

Get in touch with us for a hassle free quotation.