Mother and Baby in Parenting Room

What makes a great Parenting Room + the best ones in WA!

Special Mention: This blog post has been contributed by our lovely Chief Financial Officer Karen Burrell, once a young mother.

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A good parenting room provides mothers and fathers a moment of solace amongst screaming children, swiping credit cards and frenzied shoppers. There are even blogs that rate parenting rooms, such as The Australian Breastfeeding Association, which even has an Baby Care Room Awards Contest!

If you’re a young parent, this blog post may be helpful to you as I set out what to expect from a great parenting room, from a parent’s perspective. If you’re part of an organization wanting to know what makes or breaks a parenting room for parents – this blog post is for you.
At Envirocare Systems we have over 15 years of experience in managing hygiene parenting rooms for commercial premises and have fit out many great parenting rooms across Western Australia.

So, what makes a GOOD Parenting room?
1. Feeding Rooms:
Some mothers are not comfortable breastfeeding publicly. Privacy and comfort are key in a calm parenting room – For example the feeding rooms in Rockingham Shopping Centre can be open or closed with curtains, offering a moment of seclusion, and a comfortable place where there’s less stress.

2. Space
Parenting rooms should mimic your nursery at home. Making parents feel ‘at home’ is utterly important, and can be achieved through soft furnishings, curtains, and wallpaper decorations.
Irrespective of location, the amount of space in a parenting room can make or break it. Cramped, crowded and loud parenting rooms on a Saturday afternoon can make for a horrible trip out with children. A simple way of maximizing space in a parenting room is the addition of fold-out baby change tables that allow for more space than built in units.

3. Facilities and Cleanliness
Let’s face it – babies and children are easy targets for bacteria and muck. Although many parenting rooms are cleaned regularly, high traffic can lead to parenting rooms getting a little grimy. EVERY parenting room should provide these basic facilities to ensure cleanliness; wet wipes to clean up baby messes, parent and child toilets, hand and surface sanitisers, nappy disposal units and odour neutralizers. If you are lucky enough, your parenting room will have extra bonuses, such as microwaves, TV’s and play pens which are welcome if found in a parenting room.

If you can find a parenting room with all of these characteristics – you have a winner. According to the Breastfeeding Association of Australia, these are the best parenting rooms in WA shopping centres – and have achieved a 5* accreditation:
– Lakeside Joondalup Shopping Centre (Joondalup)
– David Jones Garden City Shopping Centre (Booragoon)
– Myer Forrest Chase (Perth)
– Phoenix Shopping Centre (Rockingham)
– Westfield Carousel Shopping Centre (Cannington)

For Businesses:
If you are a business looking for a complete parenting room hygiene management solution – Envirocare Systems has all the answers. We provide everything from installation and maintenance of baby change tables, nappy bin service, and automatic air fresheners to simple amenities such as baby wet wipes or hand sanitiser.
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