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The Lowdown on Waterless Urinals

How to protect your investment in waterless urinals

Blog post on 17/12/2015 under

Installing waterless urinals is rapidly becoming a mainstream green option Thousands of new builds and renovations have purpose built units installed and ready to use at project handover

So far so good…… a brilliant economical, earth friendly initiative has begun.

What business owners need to do next to protect their investment and ensure that this great green technology operates hassle free is absolutely vital.

Unfortunately, businesses often miss out on getting essential information and advice on the simple but significantly different regimes for cleaning and maintaining their waterless urinals.

Our team will always rush to fix a neglected or badly serviced waterless urinal that’s smelly, leaking or blocked. However we love to work with businesses to preempt these problems with the right advice, the best non-toxic cleaning products and a timely deep clean and maintenance routine.

We’re happy to train your cleaning staff in the regular essentials such as adding protective products to maintain healthy microbes and using appropriate cleaning agents. This is an integral part of keeping your units sparklingly safe and completely hygienic.

Combine the right regular cleaning regime, free from corrosive or bleach-based products with infrequent but scheduled intensive maintenance and your waterless urinal will stay in odourless, free flowing working order indefinitely.

Our experienced technicians will monitor the health of your consumable cartridges and only replace them when necessary. They’ll also deep clean your system helping to preempt any drainage issues and prevent leaks.

Like other everyday technologies that are sophisticated but simple, waterless urinals need a combination of careful regular attention and occasional expert servicing. Air conditioning is a useful comparison. While we’re confident with dusting the grilles, wiping down the controls and adjusting the settings, we’re more likely to trust a technician to service the filters and check on the overall health of our entire air conditioning system from time to time.

If you need information or advice any aspect of managing waterless urinals from trouble shooting to preemptive protection we’d love you to get in touch.