How To Control Flying Insects Around Food

4 Effective Ways to Control Flying Insects This Summer

Environmentally friendly flying insects control

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Dealing with pesky flies in the Australian summer is the stuff of cork-hatted legend.

Yes, certainly the summer heat increases the health risks to your business posed by the pervasive presence of the housefly (musca domestica) and a legion of other flying insects.

However, keeping your premises flying insect free is challenge all year round.

If you’re keen to give flies the flick once and for all, we can help.

Our range of discreet, effective, earth friendly products will keep your business fly free without impacting the health or the comfort of your staff and customers.

We’ll advise you on the system best suited to your needs and our skilled technician can install it in an instant and keep it in optimal fly eliminating order. We make sure you never need to give this vexing problem a second thought.

Here’s how we can help you make flying insects history.


  1. Flying insect traps – show them the light

Forget toxic surface sprays and noisy zappers.

Opt for a passive blue or green light that attracts a broad spectrum of flying insects to a sticky glue board – problem sorted.

This silent chemical free system is ideal for kitchens and completely safe for people and the environment.


  1. Automatic pyrethrum dispensers unnerve them naturally

Opt for a hassle free ‘set and forget’ option that uses a natural pyrethrum spray. Pyrethrum gently disrupts the central nervous system killing flies and repelling other insects.

This is a simple, discreet solution to controlling flying insects without toxins or precious time spent monitoring and managing it.

Your customised program creates zero waste as the unit switches off when it’s not needed.


  1. Fly bait stations – provide a fatal attraction

Opt for a preemptive strike and eliminate flies before they enter your business.

These unobtrusive units laced with the fly sex attractant Z- (9) –Ticosene draw the insects to a feeding tray where a low toxin insecticide kills them in around 45 seconds.

Bait stations are ideal for backyards, planter boxes, service windows and alfresco areas ad an excellent first line of defence when placed near rubbish or skip bins


  1. Fruit fly treatmentflush out their feasts

Treat the source of this specific problem by cleaning out the drains where fruit flies, vinegar flies and sugar flies breed.

Our Greenheart Bug Foam breaks down the organic matter where flies incubate and destroys any existing eggs. Equipped with a special applicator to treat drains in kitchens and bars, this inexpensive foam eliminates fruit flies in food preparation areas.

Contact us to help rid your business of flying insects today.