How To Control Flying Insects Around Food

The most effective fly killing methods!

Highly effective tips on flying insect control in commercial premises.

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Have you ever walked into a restaurant and been bombarded by flies? I certainly have and it is not a pleasant experience. Although the Australian summer is coming to a close – there are still lots of pesky flies buzzing around soaking up the last of the sun.

Flies are physically harmless to you, but they will harm your business if they are not controlled and executed.  Even worse, if you own a business that involves food in some way, a fly infestation could potentially pose serious health risks as flies can spread diseases such as Salmonella and E.coli!

This article will give you highly effective tips on flying insect control in commercial premises.

Useful Flying Insect Control equipment:

All of the following commercial insect control equipment will help combat flies during the sticky season. Each of them have a different speciality, so make sure to use the one that will best suit your environment.

  1. Indoors: Non-Electric Fly traps

Absolutely forget using electric fly zappers for the simple reason that they are unhygienic and unpleasant. The zapping sound when a fly is killed draws attention to the unit and it is even more unpleasant when the fly just drops onto the floor.

Stick to non-electric glue board flytraps – way more effective and customer friendly. Each of the traps use ultraviolet light which attracts the fly towards the hormone Impregnated glue board, which sticks the flies and exterminates them.  Plus, they are easy to maintain – once the glue board is full, simply remove it and replace it, leaving no fly decay on the floor.

  1. Indoors: Automatic Pyrethrum dispensers

Automatic pyrethrum dispensers are a highly effective, chemical-free commercial insect repellent, made with natural pyrethrins from Australia.  Aerosol based fly killers are perfect for commercial areas such as dining areas, restrooms and warehouses. A non-harmful, environmentally-friendly spray is emitted by the dispenser at automated intervals which you set according to your requirements, repelling and controlling flies and other insects.

The mist is considerably finer than traditional sprays which means that it stays airborne for longer and is therefore more effective than regular insect repellent dispensers.
As a food-friendly, natural insect repellent, this is a particularly good option for restaurant fly control.

  1. Outdoors: Fly Bait Stations

A fly bait station is the most effective form of outdoor flying insect control. The bait station is filled with feed trays containing a fly sex attractant, where a non-harmful insecticide exterminates the flies in under a minute.

They are ideal for backyards, planter boxes, and alfresco areas.

  1. Areas With Fruit Flies: Fruit Fly Treatment

If you have fruit flies, vinegar flies, or sugar flies, the most effective treatment is to use a special bug foam to treat drains in kitchens and bars where flies incubate.  A fruit fly applicator is used to disperse the active biological product which breaks down organic matter and destroys eggs, as well asexisting flies.

Other handy fly prevention tips:

  • Install Fly Screens
  • Keep windows and doors closed
  • Ensure all food is tightly sealed
  • Remove any standing water that attracts other flying insects like mosquitos

If you are having trouble with insect control in Perth, leave it to the professionals. Envirocare Systems has over 16 years’ experience in providing managed flying insect control to commercial premises.  We use cutting edge low-impact chemicals to remove flying insects and provide managed systems that you ‘set and forget’ to prevent any further insect control problems.

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