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Fruit fly treatment

Are you having a problem with fruit flies?

These pesky little flying insects love to breed in food preparation areas such as restaurants, cafes, bars and kitchens.  They can grow all the way from an egg to an adult in just over a week, meaning they can quickly establish themselves in any food production area and feed off any fruit or water lying around.

Fruit flies are so tiny that it’s hard to exclude them as they can arrive in food production areas through tiny cracks or hidden inside fruit, so the best way to get rid of these persistent insects is through specialized fruit fly traps or a specific fruit fly treatment.

Envirocare Systems Greenheart Bug Foam treatment is a special applicator that is designed to treat drains in food preparation areas and bars, where fruit flies incubate. Greenheart Bugfoam is an extremely effective solution to clearing out fruit flies, and is inexpensive and easy to do. We supply you the Bug foam and Applicator, and you carry out the simple treatment every night for 10-14 consecutive nights.  Greenheart Bugfoam contains a Bio-active agent that is specifically designed to break down sludge and kill off any flies and nests breeding in the drains.

Benefits of Greenheart Bug foam:

  • Extremely effective in wiping out sugar, vinegar and fruit fly varieties   
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to carry out
  • Low maintenance and future upkeep
  • Natural & Biodegradable
  • Keep patrons & staff safe 

Envirocare Systems is Perths trusted Fruit fly specialist, so rid your workplace of flying insects today with Envirocare Systems Greenheart Bugfoam. Call us on 1300 557 987

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