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Electric Hand Dryers – Are They Better Than Paper Towels?

  Winning the dry argument Electric hand dryers have come a long way since American inventor George Clements produced the prototype in 1948. Clements was an intrepid developer of a number of powered gismos including the first electric toothbrush. Although … Continued

How To Control Flying Insects Around Food

4 Effective Ways to Control Flying Insects This Summer

Dealing with pesky flies in the Australian summer is the stuff of cork-hatted legend. Yes, certainly the summer heat increases the health risks to your business posed by the pervasive presence of the housefly (musca domestica) and a legion of … Continued

Earth Friendly Toilet Paper and Hand Towels

  Despite using an estimated 57 sheets per day, most of us probably never give a second thought to the origins of toilet tissue or paper towels. Americans are the world’s most prolific toilet tissue flushers, at an estimated 22 … Continued

Children at Algi Vill near Lalibu Sec. Jay Lomu/CARE.

Please support CARE Australia’s El Nino Crisis Appeal

  “This year’s El Nino may become the starkest warning yet of the humanitarian consequences faced by poor and vulnerable people worldwide who lack the tools to cope in a changing climate” Wolfgang Jamann, CEO and secretary general of CARE … Continued