Roy Haagman

Blog post on 06/10/2015 under

This time last year we were having problems with a larger competitor of yours regarding the cleaning and sanitising of our toilet facilities. Our office and four workshops cater for approximately 100 personnel. Although we were unhappy with the service that we were receiving, we were reluctant to change suppliers. After many failed promises to ourselves, we decided to ask Envirocare Systems for a quote.

We were pleasantly surprised at the financial savings but were concerned that your smaller company would not be able to meet our expectations. Now, one year later, we are certainly glad that we changed to Envirocare Systems. The professional service that we’ve received from your company has surpassed all of our expectations. The positive comments from our employees are still filtering through today.

Your service team does an excellent job in customer service and in keeping our toilet facilities up to scratch. Keep up the good work!