Frequently Asked Questions

Our products. Your Questions.

We’re here to help. We know you have questions about our exceptional products and services. So we’ve answered your most popular ones.

What makes us better than everyone else?

  • We VALUE every customer as if you were only one.
  • We KNOW what what we’re talking about – We have over 16+ years experience in providing hygiene services.
  • We are LOCAL, based in Western Australia, and not a big multi-national company
  • We are REAL – Speak to a real person at any time during office hours
  • We ACTUALLY care about the Environment
  • We ACTUALLY sell products that are 100% sustainable, and reduce your carbon footprint

Where are we located?

Perth, Western Australia.

We CAN ship retail products to anywhere in Australia.

Need a hygiene service provider but aren’t in WA? Call us for a company recommendation in your area.

Do we sell retail items?

Yes, and prices are available on request.


Why we don’t have prices on the website:

Most of our products are sold on a service agreement basis. Meaning we operate on a sliding price scale so you get the best price. All our proposals are customized to suit your needs so we don’t have flat pricing.


Accepted Forms of Payment:

We accept all major credit cards, including American Express.

We do offer an account service, if your spending in excess of $150 a month on consumable items.


How often do you service Sanitary Bins?

Good question.

We offer sanitary bins on the following pickup frequencies:

  • Weekly (52 visits per annum)
  • Fortnightly (26 visits per annum)
  • Monthly (13 visits per annum)
  • 6-Weekly (8 visits per annum)
  • Quarterly (4 visits per annum)

Contact us today for a Sanitary Bin solution customized for you.

Do you service Sanitary Bins on-site or off-site?

All our sanitary bins are serviced off-site.

How come? Because it’s dirty business. The contents inside sanitary bins are unhygenic and best changed away from site in a safe environment.

We’ve noticed many of our competitors cutting costs by changing and cleaning bins on-site in your toilet. This is incredibly un hygenic for whoever is using the toilet after the service is done.

If you are having this problem, or unsure of what type of service your sanitary bin company provides, give us a ring on 1300 557 987 for a solution.

Have a question this doesn’t answer?

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Envirocare Systems have helped us to establish our very own “go green” initiatives. Their friendly and dedicated team provide hassle-free service, whilst their well-designed products cater to our office & workshop requirements.

Tania Cook - Enerflex Australasia Holdings

Envirocare Systems have partnered Little Creatures Brewing with the supply of their products since our inception over 8 years ago. Envirocare Systems, through their increasing range of green initiatives have enabled us to take a growing number of little steps in becoming more environmentally minded, which not only benefits our customers but our community as a whole.

Miles Hull - Little Creatures Brewing

My restaurant is about creating a superb fine dining experience. Naturally, the ambience of the restaurant and the quality of our facilities contribute to the overall impression. Envirocare Systems put the kind of thought into their products that my customers appreciate. They also give me reliable service with meticulous attention to detail. They just do it right.

Neal Jackson - Jackson's Restaurant