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Greenheart waterless urinals

Our innovative biodegradable Greenheart system can convert most conventional systems to waterless operation, saving you the cost of replacing your existing urinals. The conversion is simple and quick and can be done without any disruption to your business or customer convenience.

Here’s how we do it. An Envirocare Systems’ technician:

  • completes a comprehensive deep clean of the urinal and waste outlet
  • installs waterless urinal discs in the base of the existing urinal
  • turns off the flushing system
  • adds a small amount of water to active the microbes which purge the trap of urine – This is a daily step 

Greenheart waterless urinal blocks dissolve over time releasing powerful natural cleaners and enzyme generating microbes to deodorise and descale the system.

This system reduces water usage by around 98%, saving you and the planet around 151,000 litres of water per urinal per year.

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