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Enviroclean urinal disks

Add these water soluble biodegradable disks to your urinals. Their powerful biological cleaning agents will eliminate odour causing uric scale inside urinal drains. A light citrus or tropical fragrance will neutralise any unpleasant odours.
Our 10 kilo pack contains 54 disks.

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Urinal screens

These practical multipurpose screens work equally effectively in flushing and waterless urinals.  Designed to fit over the urinal drain in either system they simultaneously disinfect, deodorise and clean. Eliminate clogging and splash proof your urinals with these gently fragranced screens.

Sweet Lu cistern sanitiser and freshener

Sweet Lu sanitises with every gently fragranced, blue tinged flush. We install a dispenser in your toilet cistern and replenish the contents as needed. Long lasting and highly effective, every 200gram container of Sweet Lu contains over 70% active cleaning