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Automatic Hand Dryer

Sick of having to constantly replace paper towels? Look no further than an Envirocare Systems’ hand dryer. We have Perth’s widest range of commercial-grade hand dryers available for immediate purchase.

Our super efficient commercial hand dryers produce totally dry hands in around 15 seconds and they cut off as soon as dry hands are removed from the infrared beam. Our dryers are also renowned for their durability and have a working life of more than 10 years.

We have a wide range of commercial hand dryers to fit every budget, including premium, budget and economy options, as well as select refurbished hand dryers. At Envirocare Systems we stock a variety of brands from both Australian and International manufacturers, such as JD Macdonald, Dyson, Rynat and Xlerator.

Premium Hand Dryers:

Our most popular premium Hand Dryer is the Turbo-Dri. It comes in a variety of finishes such as polished and stainless steel, and boasts an industry leading 12 second dry time. It is perfect for high traffic washrooms.

The Turbo Dri


Economy Hand Dryers:

The Turbo-slim is the best mid-range economy hand-dryer. Also available in a variety of finishes, this hand dryer features an auto adjusting thermostat to maximize energy savings.

The Turbo Slim

Budget Hand Dryers:

If you need a powerful hand dryer on a budget, the Applause is the hand dryer

for you.  This is perfect for smaller environments, as it is both super powerful and super quiet. It still features a sub 15 second dry time.

The Applause


If you need a hand dryer today contact our friendly team now on 9451-1165 and we will talk you through the various options.


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