Bottle of toxin-free all-purpose cleaner

Greenheart Urinal Cleaner

Blog post on 23/10/2015 under

Your Wizard in the washroom – An integral part of any waterless urinal maintenance is our Greenheart Washroom Wizard.  From urinals to floors, this all-purpose cleaner is your one-stop solution to effectively clean, disinfect and sanitise all surfaces and eliminate odours, leaving a pleasant, natural fragrance.  It’s advanced bio-tech formula means it is 100% biodegradable and safe for people, plants, waterways, all waste systems and the Earth.

Available in 3 sizes

500 ml…..Item Code: 3118-R18

2 Litre…..Item Code: 3118-R22

5 Litre…..Item Code: 3118-R27