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Make a Simple Change to Save the Environment

We’re amazed that most paper products like paper towels and toilet tissue are still made from virgin old growth rainforest – 98% of all toilet paper in the US market is made from virgin trees. The pulp from one eucalyptus tree, … Continued

What NOT to Flush down the Toilet:

Everything has been flushed down a toilet at some stage, from unwanted goldfish to cell phones and credit cards. It seems like a black hole where once you flush, it’s gone forever! However every time something unwanted is flushed down … Continued

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Electric Hand Dryers – Are They Better Than Paper Towels?

  Winning the dry argument Electric hand dryers have come a long way since American inventor George Clements produced the prototype in 1948. Clements was an intrepid developer of a number of powered gismos including the first electric toothbrush. Although … Continued