Antibacterial soap 'bad for health', says US Food and Drug Administration |

ANTIBACTERIAL chemicals used in liquid soaps and washes don't help prevent the spread of germs and may actually pose health risks, according to the US Food and Drug Administration. The agency said it is revisiting the safety of chemicals like triclosan in light of recent studies suggesting they can


No Salvation in rivers running dry

If you ever doubted the severity of WA’s water crisis, take a look at the graph sending shivers down the back of WA’s water chief.  It shows rainwater flows-which 1.6 million people from Perth to Mandurah and through parts of the South-West and Goldfields rely on for drinking throug


Bid to halt Gnangara water increase

The Conservation Council has threatened to go to WA’s environmental watchdog seeking an injunction against the Water Corporation which plans to increase its draw on the Gnangara Mound by 45 billion litres next year. Council director Piers Verstegen said he was considering a formal request to


Desal plants to replace dams

Five desalination plants have been proposed for southern WA as the State Government scrambles to find additional water sources to supply a drying state.  A final report into the water needs of the Great Southern-prepared by the Water Corporation and due for release next month-is understood to i


Does Recycled Toilet Paper really make a difference?

Like coffee companies, loo paper manufacturers have long provided options for environmentally conscious consumers. Top of the list is 100 per cent recycled paper, which avoids much of the energy use and emissions associated with harvesting and processing new wood. Every kilogram of recycled tissue s


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